Online Caregiver Network

In recognition of the vast geographic areas where Maine caregivers reside, Embrace A Vet invites you to tap into an on-line military caregiver peer network spearheaded by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation.  This three-pronged program includes community-based peer support groups, peer mentoring, and an online peer community program, accessed via internet.  It is expected to provide emotional support and resources to approximately 50,000 caregivers by mid year 2016.   It is especially suited to help reduce caregiver isolation, which is very challenging to address in rural states such as Maine.

We are optimistic that this confidential new peer network will enhance the lives of our military caregivers, “the hidden heroes” who give so much to our veterans.  Please visit for more information about caregiver peer support, caregiver fatigue, isolation, and to increase caregiver connectedness, engagement, hopefulness, wellness, knowledge and skills.