• Great success story about one of our vet/dog teams!

    Posted on August 6, 2016 by in Blog Posts

    This story was shared by the wife of her husband, Scott, and his dog partner, Sherlock, who are attending the current class in Orono.
    Akita Sherlock

    “My heros! My sweet husband for all he has sacrificed and the most perfect Akita who has rescued him from the grips of PTSD. They’ve been working hard in training with North Edge K9 for Sherlock to go to Scott when he crosses his arms and sighs (signifying a panic attack). This morning I had the honor of witnessing just how far and deep their bond has grown. Before Scott even realized what was happening to be able to signal Sherlock, this amazing boy was at Scott’s side! Words can not describe what an awesome moment it was. Forever grateful to Embrace A Vet, North Edge K9 and Ootjhov’s Akitas for bringing these two together!”